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About Us

Being at the forefront of the food & beverage landscape in Singapore, Gao Ji Food places great emphasis on staying abreast of new developments in consumer and food trends and constantly leverages on its over 60 years of experience to innovate and create a variety of brands to cater to the changing needs of society. As such, we have expanded to over 50 outlets and restaurants that can be found in shopping malls and eateries around Singapore, consisting of the following brands under our Gao Ji Food umbrella:

All of Gao Ji Food's outlets, regardless of brand, bear our hallmark values of great quality asian food at value-for-money prices. Our emphasis on speed, convenience, affordability, coupled with sincere hospitality and commitment to food quality, is evident across all of Gao Ji Food’s outlets. Gao Ji Food (S) Pte Ltd is a proud winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 – Heritage Brands category and was awarded the Most Popular Heritage Brand in 2013 and 2016.

Our Brand History

In 1954, with the equipment and ingredients of the trade secured on a pole over his shoulders, our founder, Mr. Chong Seng Tong, plied the streets of Chinatown with his wife on foot selling his specialty Hakka Yong Tow Foo. The food then was simple - noodles and yong tow foo in a bowl of delicious soup that was boiled with soya beans and ikan bilis. Earnestly calling out to customers, old Mr. Chong established a deep and heart-felt connection with the early Chinese immigrants and this marked the beginning of the close relationship between Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee and Chinatown.

In 1960, old Mr. Chong set up a zinc-and-wooden mobile kiosk under a tree next to Majestic Theatre, which became a permanent spot for his stall where he continued to serve his signature dish to his faithful customers. When the old Mr. Chong fell ill, his wife continued the business to support the family with the help of their son, Mr. Chong Yik Hwee. From the tender age of 12, Mr. Chong Yik Hwee picked up the knowledge and skills of the trade.

Combined with his enterprising spirit and hard work, Mr. Chong Yik Hwee grew the business and set up Gao Ji Food (S) Pte Ltd.

Our Vision

To be a trusted global F&B Corporation

Our Mission

We are committed to providing quality food, excellent service and the highest value to our customers, staff and stakeholders

Our Core Values

· Respect
· Loyalty
· Responsibility
· Creativity
· Learning-driven

Our Motto

Success through Sincerity and Perseverance

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